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Reviva® remanufactures diesel engines and components for regional and national fleets, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and aftermarket distributors. We specialize in engines for on-road, off-road and refrigeration markets. 

In 2003, we recognized that traditional manufacturing processes were no longer meeting the needs of our customers. Years later, we are still experiencing the tremendous power of lean manufacturing in eliminating waste, improving quality, empowering workers, reducing lead times and most importantly, responding to our changing markets and customers. We believe our future success will be directly linked to our constant commitment towards continuous improvement.

Our lean manufacturing processes allow for custom orders to be built within 5 days—a feat no other manufacturer can match.

All of Reviva’s complete drop-in engines are 100% dyno tested and configured for quick installation.  During the remanufacturing process, Reviva replaces wear items including pistons, rings, rod & main bearings,  pin bushings, gaskets  and many others with 100% new in every engine.  All other parts are remanufactured using precise, accurate processes to bring them back to OE specifications.  Reviva uses only OEM or equivalent components.

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Duramax long block engines now available!

Reviva is pleased to announce the launch of long block engines for the Duramax for the LLY and LB7 models.  Call 877.357.7634 for more information.

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